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See some actresses that shared the leading of some dramas next to Hyun Bin and try to accept one as the best match... Who would be?.... Candidates: 1. Song Hye Kyo; 2. Shin Min Ah; 3. Im Soo Jung; 4. Ha Ji Won: 5. Yoon Eun Hye; 6. Rebecca; 7. Lee Yeon Hee; 8. Kim Sun A; 9. Tang Wei; 10 Sung Yu Ri... Be my guests!
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Ha Ji Won
4 years ago·Reply
Ha ji won..
4 years ago·Reply
Ha Ji Won!
4 years ago·Reply
ha ji wo..secret it
4 years ago·Reply
I ha ji won. but shin min ah great with so ji sub
4 years ago·Reply