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Which woman do you think is more suitable to Hyun Bin?
See some actresses that shared the leading of some dramas next to Hyun Bin and try to accept one as the best match... Who would be?.... Candidates: 1. Song Hye Kyo; 2. Shin Min Ah; 3. Im Soo Jung; 4. Ha Ji Won: 5. Yoon Eun Hye; 6. Rebecca; 7. Lee Yeon Hee; 8. Kim Sun A; 9. Tang Wei; 10 Sung Yu Ri... Be my guests!
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Ha Ji Won
4 years ago·Reply
Ha ji won..
4 years ago·Reply
Ha Ji Won!
4 years ago·Reply
ha ji wo..secret it
4 years ago·Reply
I ha ji won. but shin min ah great with so ji sub
4 years ago·Reply