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This is an awesome site: it's not everyday that you catch such a nice lake trout over clear ice, making the fight even more exciting. It's pretty sick to be able to see the actions of the fish so clearly, not just feel them, in your attempts to bring it in! This was shot on Lake Superior by JigHeadsTV. Can't wait for some good ice fishing this winter!
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Awesome fishing!! @fallingwater sorry to jump in here @mcgraffy but I'm pretty sure it's early season ice aka its just starting to freeze, so it hasn't got that deeper color yet. I could be wrong, though!
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@yakwithalan @mcgraffy @fallingwater Yeah I think that's it too: that's the only time I"ve really got ice that clear. I think it also means it froze without any snow on it; cloudy ice is "snow ice" and significatnly weaker than new, clear ice!
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@dougjohnson no idea where on the lake they are then?
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@mcgraffy Nah man sorry I"m not sure
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@dougjohnson It's all right, there's plenty of great fishing out there any ways I'm sure I can find a good spot!
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