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Istanbul-based photographer Can Dagarslani combined his background in architecture with photography to create this enticing collection of portraits entitled Identities. For the project, the artist cast models Sophie Bogdan and Marlene Pina to play the role of side-by-side subjects who mimic each other's motions while set within ordinary environments. Here's a small explanation from the artist: "People attempt to amplify and push the limits of reality. I believe I can surprise viewers by not presenting any quirkiness, yet still avoiding being ordinary. I keep the natural light and the colors of objects as it is and mostly play with scenes and the models’ posture."
They're both so normal and yet these are something I'd be a little freaked out to see in my everyday life...? I don't know why, though.
awesome and creative
Great project. I am really drawn to her near perfect use of natural lighting and softly toned colors, the strange subject matter of the photographs is all that is given to the viewer to let them know they really aren't looking at something normal!
I think its funny how she states she can surprise the audience by not presenting theses quirky traits of amplifying and pushing the limits of reality, but I think she does exactly that! She does it a subtle and really satisfying way, executed very well
I totally thought that they were twins at first, how interesting!