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Discover and Share Music with Soundwave
This app is really interesting because it is part music player part instant messenger. On Soundwave, you can create private group chats to share songs from any music app with your friends. It works great with Spotify, Rdio, etc! The collection of songs that you've shared become a fun collection within your group of friends :) Thanks to their latest update, you can now tap on any song to reveal a history of who else has been listening to it, helping you find musical soulmates. You can follow other users to see their activity in a feed as they listen to music. Usually, you’ll receive an instant 30-second preview of songs that other people are listening to. Then you can tap on the song to browse related content on YouTube and SoundCloud!
This sounds like a really cool app, especially since half the time I am sending random youtube videos to my friends to share music. This would be so much easier!
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I would just have to make sure that I'm not listening to anything embarrassing!
3 years ago·Reply
Does this one cost anything? @galinda And yeah, that'd be a pretty big concern for me as well XD
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oh that's cool, so you can share what you're listening to with your friends? neat! it sounds really cool to see how else likes something too c:
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