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Stephen King has narrated his own stories for a long time, and audiobooks of his work are some of my favorite things to listen to. This particular audiobook of "One for the Road" is read by John Glover (remember him from Smallville?) The story was first released in 1978: It’s a vampire story, but a particularly deft one, writes Noah Charney at New Haven Review, one that “deals in archetypes that are the heart of good horror fiction.” King’s stories "happen to feature monsters of all sorts, from natural to preternatural, but that is secondary to their core as great stories, well-told.” Part of "Night Shift", "One for the Road" takes you back to Jerusalem's Lot and its nocturnal horrors. Short, but scary. Stephen King is still my master of horror no matter what. May it be short or long, he never fails to make me jump out of my skin. This story is thrilling, mysterious and more awesome if you close the lights and just listen to the audio.
@greggr Awesome! The first time I heard this story was an audiobook (on Halloween, played by my friend) but since then I've read the story itself a few times! I often think of it when I pull past abandoned cars in the winter.... @onesmile Good choice!!
Ahh, On the Road! I loved this story when it first came out. I still believe these short stories from Night Shift are some of the best pieces that King ever produced. The characters are really memorable for me; I always imagine them when I'm out in an eerie storm. Definitely makes me think twice before heading out when it comes to mind!
@greggr Noted!! I dont' think I would, anyways XD
@timeturnerjones Don't go near those cars! If anything, King taught us all to be cautious of mysterious nighttime travelers.
This was a little too eerie for me....glad I didn't listen to it at night!!