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Hello Kitty Treasure Trove - The Big Finish

So it took a few days to go through the whole box, everything was great. I didn't take pictures of a few coloring books (untouched) and Childrens books, but I did everything else. There were some super cute finds, the jewelry box was the best. That was like Christmas Morning when I opened it up to find the little dancer still there and that it still worked. The collection spanned at least a decade telling from the dates on a few items. That tells me that Hello Kitty is an endearing and enduring character. I don't know what it is that makes her so special, but now my daughter has a great collection started and some awesome items. Its funny that I got this crate and all its wonderful contents just because of my dorky Hello Kitty glasses.
this collection is amazing, I love the lunch box in this set best!
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