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When writing about a new topic, or when picking up a piece of writing after a long time, it is easy to feel that every one out there is writing better than you. Every sentence seems imperfect, and the topic seems too big to convey through the words your brain finds accessible. Does this mean it's time to stop writing? No! Absolutely not! Keep writing, and learn to have confidence while doing so. Try these tips: 1. Don't stress about your vocabulary. More vocabulary does not necessarily mean better writing. The skill lies in taking what you have and rearranging it into something beautiful, regardless of how expansive your vocabulary is. That being said, if you do feel limited by your vocabulary, these is one great way to fix that: read, read, and read some more! 2. Exercise your writing muscles. You can't just sit down and write something wonderful because you think you can, just as a mathematician cannot solve the biggest math question of his life in one, short go. It takes practice and hard work to create a quality piece of writing, and you should always be preparing yourself to do so. Keep writing, and be OK with producing below average work for a long time, because it's inevitable that you will. It's also, however, inevitable that you will get better! 3. You're never be #1. Sorry, but it's the truth: there is always going to be someone you think is better than you. If we all thought we were the best writers in the world, there wouldn't be any writing that we could enjoy. JK Rowling certainly doesn't think she is the best author ever, and that's ok! Someone out there will think you're the best ever, and that will have to be enough. Read the work of others for motivation, and try to became a writer that can be admired, too. 4. Stop being afraid of doubt. It's natural to think that you haven't mastered the art of writing. You might get really good at it, but you can always improve! The key to not being afraid of doubt is knowing that its OK to doubt yourself, but also learning when to stop doubting. Watch the video on slide 2, a TED Talk by the author of Eat, Pray, Love, gives a great explanation of the topic.
I agree with #1 so much. I feel like the more I really got confident in my writing style, the less I felt this need to throw in SAT words or hunt down my thesaurus.
Excellent words.. inspiring...
@danidee Exactly! Your words will only feel right if they feel like yours: not some giant SAT word that nobody really uses (or understands).
@hikaymm That is a touch line to draw, and it's different for everyone! Some people panic when they feel any doubt, others need that doubt to motivate them. It's up to you to find that level! @onesmile @AgentCory Glad to hear the tips help!
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