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The Player’s Score is a documentary about video game music featuring a variety of artists (cover bands, famous composers, and more). It made the video game news last week when it reached is Kickstarter campaign goal. Music in video games is actually a huge deal, it’s a really big element of the game. I mean think about how many people know the Mario or Tetris theme? There’s a lot of games where the background music is honestly just good enough to listen to, and as the video points out there are times where you’re playing and you just pause to listen to the music. But it’s more than just that, it’s about the community surrounding video game music. There’s an entire culture of fans, remix and cover artists, etc. who love video game music to the point of making their own. It’s really an art form. It’s a really cool idea for a documentary and now that it’s got its funding I’m excited to see it when it comes out—and listen to the soundtrack of course! They’ve got some awesome help with the music including Austin Wintory (compose of Journey) and a lot more.
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My husband absolutely loves video game music, I know he'll be excited about this! And the idea of making original music in the style of a video game is so interesting!