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CW has announced two villains Flash fans can look forward to this season are Captain Cold (aka Leonard Snart) and The Pied Piper (aka Hartley Rathaway). These are making headlines for a couple of reasons, 1) because the actors cast to play the roles are openly gay Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, and openly bi actor Andy Mientus as the Pied Piper who 2) is one of the very few openly GAY comic book characters. And The Flash producers have also said they won’t be trying to shy away from Hartley’s sexuality on the show. Score for LGBT representation in media! As a comic fan I’m really excited about Hartley being included, I think the Pied Piper is a really interesting villain because aside from being gay which doesn’t really affect him as a villain, he’s also deaf which is a different kind of representation and just really interesting IMO. The only issue I have with it is they aren’t making a heroic character, or even just a normal person the orientation minority, they’re making a villain the minority, which to me is kind of squidgy. I’m really happy they’re including a gay character, but I’d be happier if they included a variety of LBGT characters, not just villains. They have time to add more aspects of representation though, and plenty of characters to choose from so I’ve still got hope for it. Especially since the executive producer for The Flash is actively looking for opportunities to add LBGT themes to the show.
Wentworth Miller was great in Prison Break and I'm betting he will be great as Captain Cold. I've always felt bad for Captain Cold, really just a villain of circumstance.
Even if it is a little squidgy, you have to start somewhere? Some might even argue that the villians are the most important in many ways, because they represent the ideas we have to learn to accept!
always good to see some diversity!
That really wonderful they aren't trying to change the character, and are even actively trying to incorporate more LGBT representation! I understand your concerns @AgentCory, but I'm not sure what other characters they might be able to add for that kind of representation.
@EightyNine oh I def agree, I just hope they can include diversity among regular characters not just bad guys XD