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Gritty Reboots created this dark post-apocalyptic (does that make it post-post-apocalyptic?) live action short of Adventure Time. In their world magic is dying and it’s up to Jake the scraggly old dog and Finn the now adult human to find adventure which I guess will bring that magic back, the plot’s not exactly clear. Honestly, it may be more adult than the show but the story is pretty believable for AT and the affects and production are top notch so it’s a great fan video. My personal fave is famous YouTuber Kristina Horner as Princess Bubblegum. I kind wish this would be made into a full movie because even just this trailer is awesome.
@AgentCory I just re-read your description to double check that Jake was supposed to be a dog. I agree, I'm not sure it's the best design for a puppy but it seems to match the cartoon?
@pixiedust yeah! the only effect I don't like as much is Jake, the design doesn't quite work live action but it's still really well done!
I've never watched the show but this is a very well done video! The effects look professional!