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Jonathan Mann is a song righter who has taken one challenge a little too seriously. He is on day number 2,110 of writing a song a day. If you’d written a song every day for more than five years, you might find yourself asking your iPhone to think of lyrics for you, too. Jonathan is obviously a talented musician and song writer, but everyone gets a bit lazy sometimes. Even when he is creating song lyrics from the words suggested by his iOS autocomplete, the results are still incredible.
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This might get stuck in my head? It's pretty great!! Is he the guy that did the Siri duet?
@hikaymm I don't know, but I think my favorite autocorrect suggestion was when my iPhone changed Earth Wind & Fire to Earth Winslow & Fire, hahahaha.
the fact that he sings the whole thing and it doesn't sound awkward is kind of incredible XD this should be its own genre!
@danidee What....why? Hahah that's fantastic.
not bad