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Juanjo Méndez was in a terrible motorbike accident in which he lost his left arm and left leg. He was more devastated from the fact that he hit a car with 5 passengers then he was about loosing limbs, thankfully all the passengers were okay. Recovering from his accident, Juanjo refused to be limited by his accident. He took up cycling as a way to keep riding on two wheels, Juanjo and his friends never expected it to take him anything more than enjoyment. His determination took him to wins at the world's championships in 2011 and 2013 as well as being Spanish Champion on numerous occasions.
@troygreene84 Definitely! I love that he is still pushing as well: not just settling for his "fastest time yet" but pushing for more.
Wow! @onesmile He does look really happy, I think he is just so grateful that he can cycle at all that all this competing is just more than he ever thought he could achieve.
Amazing story, truly an inspiration.
He certainly isn't letting anything get in his way! That's so inspiring.
He looks so happy to be riding! I got worried for a second but after he finishes, that joy is fantastic. I'm glad he was still able to find a way to do what he loves
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