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I had to read these instructions over a few times to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but it really is only 4 steps! You can find glass canisters in the candle aisle of most stores (like Target) or you can use any other glass container you'd like! What you need: Glass canister Cactus soil Mini succulents, assorted Green reindeer moss How to do it: - Place 2 inches of cactus soil in the bottom of the canister. - Remove succulents from their pots, loosen the roots, and nest in the soil. - Use a spray bottle, filled with water, to spray down the inside of the canister to clean off any dirt. - Separate the reindeer moss into pieces and fill in the gaps around the succulents.
Ooh what a great way to add some color and life indoors! Sounds perfect for an office!
The best thing about succulent gardens is that they're so easy to make, and maintain! Thanks for the reminder :)
This looks easy. I'll give it a try. :)
I've always wanted to make my own terrarium, thanks!
This sounds way too easy, I could probably find a way to mess this up hahaa