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Caroline Steffen is a Swiss powerhouse and thus this custom Swiss themed new Cervelo P5 makes a great match for this 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships contender. Caroline Steffen rides a 56cm Cervelo P5 and the paint scheme came from Cervélo graphic designer Tom Briggs.
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That stem is all kinds of crazy. I head she had to get it specially fitted to this frame!
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That two tone glossy to matte red is really nice. I really like the matte color schemes, I hope it becomes more of a thing
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@BikeSnob I totally agree, I would love to see more designs like this. I think people are too keen on getting the nicest and shiniest things though, and matte paint doesn't really look bright and shiny..
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i dont think the paint really matters....its a p5!!!!!!! nough said!
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