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Many people don't know that supermarket bikes are often (not always) built from low quality materials, feature poor performing components, and are often assembled incompletely or incorrectly. Building a bicycle requires great care. Imagine rushing through a final exam paper without proof reading or make sure errors are nonexistent and submitting that to a professor, that professor would grade you poorly. A similar thing happens when building a bicycle, however, a professor won't scold you. What you will get is a dissatisfied customer and in a worst case scenario a potentially harmful or lethal problem. Don't buy a supermarket bike, buy a bike from the a nice local bike shop (big or small). Odds are they will care much more about the build quality of the bike and you will be happier and safer.
though I am not rich by any means, I won't take a bike that costs less than $1500. one bought a bike at a Walmart and almost got killed because of it. while riding in a high traffic situation, the gear shifting system failed. the derailuer misaligned, jamming the chain. by the time it released, the cable was stretched, and the shifting trigger was broke. not being able to maintain speed caused me to get hit by a car while trying to get out of traffic.
@TeamWaffles We have all been there. Crappy BMX from Toys'R'Us was my first
I think my first bike ever as a kid was from Walmart or something like that. Never again!