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What do you guys think of this sticker, good idea or bad idea? My initial reaction is "hey, I would love to use that during my daily commute!" but I feel this is a bad way to bring up the issue. Putting stickers on cars can be seen as vandalism and that's just another reason for motorists to dislike cyclists. It fuels the fire for an "us vs. them" argument. So my final opinion, it's a funny thought but probably a bad idea in reality.
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Funny, I'd want to use them but I probably feel bad instantly
3 years ago·Reply
Bulk order anyone?
3 years ago·Reply
where do I order this
3 years ago·Reply
maybe just slip them under their wind shield wipers with the paper backing intact, but drivers need to be aware that when they block our lane, we get pushed out into their lane. just sayin
3 years ago·Reply
Id use them
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