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Do you have the guts to be the coolest spy ever?! Well then, get this app and test your skills. In this game, you'll take the role of an agent that will prevent the enemy from launching nuclear missiles. Cool isn't it? Yep. Playstation® ported this game to our android devices. You can also play this game in PS4, PS3, and PSVita. Offered by PlayStation Mobile Inc., this action stealth side-scrolling game costs Php 218 (USD 4.99) in Google Playstore. Pros: -Awesome art style -You can link your PS4, PS3 or PSVita systems to your android devices -The missions are always changing. For example, if you restart your mission, the place is different from the last one. Challenging! Cons: -The gameplay is kinda short. Well, it depends if you can easily accomplish each level. -The swipe controls (gestures) are not quite polished -Minor lags (on my device at least) Overall Verdict: 4/5. Awesome. A must try. The game is really awesome. It is set during the cold war and the art style is so cool. I'm also surprised to the changing of missions because I to restarted the mission and memorized certain places but then, the place had changed! lol. However, I'm experiencing some minor lags during the game which didn't affect much on the gameplay but I'm kinda annoyed. Also, the controls/gestures are not quite polished for me (i.e. aiming the gun). It's not a big deal though, just need a bit practice on the controls. What do you think of this game? Share your thoughts. Over and out!
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this sounds fun, and I like that you can synch the game to your other systems! the art in the screenshot reminds me of TF2 kinda.