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This video was shot around the Rogue Valley with my bud Cameron and I. Here is some stand slides, for those who have been asking, pre derping, crashes, close calls, and grip runs with some scrubbing. Music by my other bud Justinsayne N8V. Check him and his band out at www.reverbnation.com/justinsaynen8v http://youtu.be/EonOIoSyIp0
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@drlizardo 13,000 views, and only 17 likes. week sauce man. Gotta make better vids or something!
looked like suede
Probably suede than lol. Cameron has had those for a long time too from what he told me. I need some vans!
well some people freak out when you're riding so I was curious lol
Not around us lol. we're too cool;) we usually get compliments and stuff like that. thinking about it though that's the only time I've seen Cam crash in person, and I got it on film HAHA! wish I could of got @0BryceMcGarity0's crash that day in film lol. He called it day so it was just the a Couple Camerons.