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No names will be mentioned, cuz you know who you are You're the one who just left me, with nothing but scars Cuz after four years you say you're done, no explanation given Yet I'm supposed to fuckin see this as a new beginnin? The end of a chapter, fresh start to this book But still, when ever I see your face with that infamous look It triggers something inside, cuz you used to be mine Now I'm sitting here alone, thinking "I'll be just fine" And sometimes I still think of you, cuz we spent a lot of time But now that time is finished, and I know you were lyin Each time you said you cared, said you'd be by my side Oh you swear on MY life? Good, cuz I just died..
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I'm really curious to see this "infamous look." I want a better idea of what it is conveying, because she has clearly left quite an impression @GeorgeJensenJr