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Get Out Of Your Negative Thinking ● Breakups are hard, and you aren’t doing yourself any favors by thinking about it over and over again. Keeping it present in your thoughts is filling your life with negativity and getting you caught in a cycle of feeling down. Instead try taking ten minutes a day to reinforce some positive thoughts like “I am strong, confident, attractive, and I make a great life partner." Take A Break ● Loneliness can be scary, but taking a little time to be with YOU can make a world of difference. It shouldn’t feel like a race to the finish line, the point of a relationship is to share your life with someone else, so make sure you’re life is nurtured and ready to share. Seek Support ● You don’t have to face this alone, your friends and family will be right there to love and support you you just have to reach out to them. No on near by to provide a shoulder for you to cry on? Hit the social media scene or even online communities (like Vingle for example!) for some friendly support. We’ve all been there and I guarantee you’ll find someone happy to help. Do Something Fun ● Right after a breakup is the perfect time to treat yourself to something you absolutely love. Go for a solo camping trip, book a weekend at a cabin, hike a mountain, whatever brings you joy. Don't Play The Blame Game ● It doesn’t matter who’s fault it was, applying blame doesn’t change the situation and it won’t make you feel better. A failed relationship is a learning experience, not a chance to blame yourself or others. Learn from it and move on stronger and better. Learn To Let Go ● After a breakup sometimes you feel the temptation to relive the past: reread old emails, texts, or even visit you and your ex’s old haunts for a chance encounter. One word for you: Stop. You’re trapping yourself in the past and not moving on from your pain which is going to prevent you from finding happiness, both with yourself and with anyone else. Focus On The Future ● The best part about a breakup? Now you get to focus on your future, and what you want in your life. Never like their taste in restaurants or the way they interrupted you while you were talking? Now’s the chance to reexamine what works for you, what doesn’t, and what you really want—and to get excited about it! Don't Hook Up With An Old Fling ● The last thing you want to do while you’re still emotionally compromised from a breakup is a one night stand or weekend fling with a long lost ex who you haven’t talk to in years. The lonely nights are just that, lonely, but it’s better for you in the long run to avoid the complications, for you and your potential hookup. Get Out of The House ● When I’m upset about something I like to hole myself up in the house and avoid everything, but staying locked away only perpetuates your feelings of loneliness. Go out, with your friends, your family, even just for a walk by yourself. Getting some fresh air and some human contact will do wonders for you. Make New Friends ● Your friends are awesome, and they’re great support for you but now is a great time to add some new people to your life. Go to a local bar, join a book club, hit the gym, whatever you go make friends and meet new people. It will help you feel like you’re getting a fresh start on a new phase of you life. Speaking Of The Gym.. ● Exercising will make you feel a million times better. The endorphins will give you energy and improve your mood, and taking care of your body will make you feel rejuvenated and healthy. Not a fan of a work out? Try yoga or meditation, anything to care for your body and your soul. Stay Away From Those Rom Coms ● Sure laughing is the best medicine, and the fictional romantic endeavors can feel comforting but they aren’t grounded in reality and can skew your perspective of how your life should be going now that you’re single. Focus on creating your own happy ending, not living someone else’s. Avoid Booze ● Even if you’re not one to drink, a breakup can make even the soberest among us look for a little nip to suppress the sadness. The problem is that alcohol is a depressant, so any sense of euphoria you feel won’t last and you’ll feel worse the next day. Care for your body and be with your feelings, the fastest way past them is by feelings, not avoiding.
Guy, hit on people at a bar, not on a public forum where you won't ever even meet the person*
lmao mohammed u gotta be kidding?
@ChrisRoss You're fantastic lol XD
Seeking support from friends is always the hardest for me but the most helpful once I actually do it! I love working out! Strangely it helps me get rid of all that pent up energy I've been holding in!
hi pixiedust you are very great and nice
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