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So much shit on my mind, I need to clean my head Gata take a shower n get the fuck to bed Meditate in my room, just to try to forget About the bullshit that you put me through, again and again But now I've been away so long, I've grown so strong I realize I don't need anyone, yeah I know, I was wrong Cuz I thought it was you I needed, but now you're gone And I'm laying here not giving a fuck about what went on Cuz that shits over and I'm done and I'm happy to be Alone and independent cuz all I really needed is me
awesome! love it ♥
"I need to clean my head." Great imagery! Rather tham cleaning out my head, I get a totally different image that is way more active
thanks man, I was going for that kind of flow. I appreciate the comment!
This is really, really lyrical; it almost feels like a song. I don't know if it has to do with the incorporation of some slang (gata, cuz, etc.) that it reads that way, but I really feel a rhythm in it