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I was always under the impression that pike are caught better in deep waters, but boy was I wrong! From what I gather, pike actually feel the most in the winter months from about October to May, and prefer cooler waters. This means they'll be in the shallows, and they can be caught on our bass lures as soon in this awesome underwater footage. While this video was shot in Ireland, I think we can get the same action in late fall and spring if you fish it properly!
@fallingwater You have a good point there, I guess it is so long as you don't foul hook or anything
Cool footage!! I wouldn't have even know that these lures are "the wrong ones." lol! If it catches a fish, isn't it the right one?
@yakwithalan @dougjohnson definitely! the lures in the right conditions pretty much match what tbe pike would go after anyways I guess
I've never really targeted Pike but I think I might do some research and see what of my local areas they can be found; looks like a fund day fishing
This is awesome!! I don't know if I would have thought to throw out those lures, but the footage he shows really shows that it works. Cool stuff thanks @mcgraffy
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