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Strengthening Your Lower Back with These 3 Moves
1. Scorpion Stretch Lie flat on your stomach with feet together, arms extended outward to form a T, palms facing down, and forehead on the ground (top). Squeeze your right glute, bend your right knee, and lift your right leg as high as you can (center). Twist your hips and reach your right foot over to touch the ground on the outside of your left leg (bottom). Try to keep your arms and chest on the floor. Reverse the movement to come to the starting position, then repeat with the left leg for one rep. 2. Rotating Plough Beginning on your back, pull your legs, with knees slightly bent, into your chest. For support, place your hands low on your back near your hips (top). Gently rock your legs from side to side (bottom). Return to the starting position for one rep. 3. Crunch, Reach, and Roll Lie on your back with legs in the air and knees bent. Lift your head and shoulders into a crunch position, and raise and extend your arms forward (top). Move your arms straight back, so they are next to your ears, and extend your legs (center). Roll to the right onto your stomach so you end up in a Superman pose, with shoulders off the floor and legs extended and raised slightly (bottom). Squeeze your shoulder blades together and contract your abs and glutes as you hold for one to four seconds. In a controlled motion, roll back to the starting position, trying not to touch the floor with your hands or feet. Repeat on the left for one rep.
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