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As if I didn't already think the guys from Run the Jewels are insane. That cat remix album they joked about is actually getting released. Oct 27, we will be graced with "Meow the Jewels," a 100% cat hip hop album filled with remixes of "RTJ2." Because the internet is what it is, someone made a Kickstarter to raise the funding for this remix—and because El-P appreciates a good joke, he said he would actually tackle the project if it got funded. More than $45k later and here we are. With a cat powered album heading to head phones near you.
Wow, @caricakes. You truly do listen to everything. ;)
this sounds so cool! my new favorite artist lol so sad I didn't know about the kickstarted before
This is one of those things that you don't realize you need until you see it, and then you absolutely have to have it.
This sounds really fun, and funny of course! I may have to listen for out of curiosity!
Oh man I cant wait for this lol
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