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Big news today as it appears CNN’s controversial Crossfire has been cancelled for the second time. For anyone who forgot, they were cancelled previously in 2005 after Jon Stewart was a guest on Crossfire and accused the bipartisan political debate show of “hurting America.” Stewart’s interview was, in fact, exactly ten years ago today, and CNN’s former president Jonathan Klein cited Stewart’s harsh criticism as the reason for the cancellation. Crossfire was renewed in 2013, but ran only in fits and starts and without the originals gusto according to fans of the show. One reason CNN has now chosen to cut the show for good is they are cutting 300 or more positions throughout the network, although the current regulars will remain on staff as political talking heads. Crossfire and its ilk are the kind of shows I never like to watch because Stewart, even being a comedian, had a point. His argument that these shows are hurting America journalism is quite fair in my opinion, and the very fact that the CNN president who chose to cancel Crossfire in 2005 chose to cite a comedian as the reason to me indicates the network has no faith in their own journalistic integrity.
Sucks that the current regulars will stay on as "political heads"....seems like they might be the problem. I also hate journalism like this :.
@timeturnerjones it does seem strange that they're keeping everyone who worked on Crossfire (which was only on air off and on, mostly off for several months) but cutting so many other positions.