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Netflix has been adding titles left, right, and sideways including original series, original movies, and popular hits like Gilmore Girls (which was just released on Watch Instantly streaming this month!) and they not done yet! Warner Brothers executive has announced that all ten seasons (236 episodes) of Friends have been licensed to Netflix US and Canada. The classic sitcom will be available to stream beginning January 2015. Friends is iconic to say the least, it’s one of the best loved sitcoms of all time, and getting to relive the nostalgia of Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, even Phoebe and Smelly Cat, will be a treat for fans new and old. I watched friends growing up, and I loved it. I would watch it with my parents and some of those episodes had us rolling on the floor laughing. I still remember my favorite scene from my favorite episode “The One Where No One’s Ready” where Joey gets revenge against Chandler for stealing his underwear (see the second video).
@greggr it's certainly a walk down memory lane! And there are a lot of other great options on Netflix as well!
@pixiedust Time to browse their menus again to see if it's worth my money.
Ah, Smelly Cat. I might have to renew my Netflix again. I got rid of it when my kids went to school, but I think I might enjoy watching all of these again, and the other new shows they have been adding lately.
@greggr oh my gosh, I feel so silly! I didn't even notice I copied the wrong thing!
@pixiedust I think that comment was meant for me, right? Ha! I've done the same a few times before. I'll have to look into the options a bit further; thank you.
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