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Bad Reviews On Yelp Put In Location
There are many strange reviews out their on pretty much every thing you can do or buy. Yelp is no exception to this. Here are a group of 10 images of various national parks with 1-star reviews from Yelp as captions. The results are pretty funny and sometimes pretty dead one. I like the one of the Grand really is just a big hole in the ground.
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"Maybe I'm just not a cave man," same bro, same XD I don't get a lot of these like, what were you expecting? it's a public bathroom at a national park, it's not going to be the plaza or something
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Ugly and the hiking sucks. yep
3 years ago·Reply
Oh my gosh this is too funny! "Closed because of bears," at least they didn't get hurt! Haha!
3 years ago·Reply
Really really sad that people can't enjoy nature anymore.
3 years ago·Reply
@ChickenNrice agreed: all the geysers don't look the same!!
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