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The five snacks you should pick up if you're ever in a Korean market. 1. Pepero - This chocolate cover cookie stick is favorite for couples. There's even a holiday (Pepero Day) fabricated to encourage friends to exchange pepero to show affection. 2. Choco Pie - Shaped of a cookie sandwich consisting of two small round layers of cake with marshmallow filling with chocolate covering. Apparently, Korean soliers are obssesed with it. Also, you often see this as a birthday cake alternative. 3. Corn Snacks - This cone-shaped corn snack is addicting. I saw this in a show once and the girl makes it so fun eating it from her fingers. 4. Shrimp Chips - This was the snack I grew up with in childhood. Koreans also love feeding them to pigeons. 5. Onion Rings - Who doesn't love onion rings? You eat them and you can play with them. :)
Yum! I wonder if I can find any of these at a local store, the pepero sound really tasty!
I like the choco pie-birthday cake!
@TechAtHeart hm, I'm not sure I've seen an HMart in AZ but I'll ask around!
Those shrimp chips are so addicting! @pixiedust maybe an HMart?