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Chilling with the crew boutta roll up an L Sitting in Mikey's car breaking up in a bill Light that shit up cuz I'm getting sober As we light 4 Ls I hope we don't get pulled over Doming this car until the oxygen leaves And alls we're left with is the smell of the trees Cars getting smokey, can't see the road Then we hear a loud BOOM, think we hit a pole When we open the doors, whole neighborhood getting high When we look at what we hit, OH SHIT IT WAS A GUY Starting to panic, we hide the body in the trunk Darrell said he was out cuz he's a fucking punk So it's just us 3 with a body in the back And we might be high, but our minds are intact We get in the car and step on it, to the Atlantic ocean Drop the body, pop a bottle, start drinking the potion *disclaimer: never killed anyone, don't call the cops, just a rhyme*
@GeorgeJensenJr Looking forward to seeing more! You should create a collection just for your pieces; I'd surely give it a follow.
@greggr thanks, yeah I was thinking that. I wanted to get opinions cuz I liked the sound of it and I'm glad you do too!
@GeorgeJensenJr Your writing is all so lyrical as well. Do you have the idea of making it into lyrics, or you simply like the rhythms of it?
well I smoke pretty often so I thought of the first line and then just built a story around it, I guess my goal was to create an interesting piece that flowed nicely
I sure hope you haven't killed anyone! Interesting writing; what was your goal in putting it together?