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TED ED always brings us awesome features, but this is one that I find myself returning to time and time again to remind myself just what it is to teach, and just what it is to inspire learning. Rule number 1: Curiosity comes first. Rule number 2: Embrace the mess. Rule number 3: Practice reflection "... have the guts to confuse our students, perplex them and evoke real questions..." As a teacher myself, I work hard every day to make the information I'm presenting accessible and entertaining. It's hard, but it's so much more important to me to do my best to instill a sense of curiosity in my students than it is to follow the "pacing guide." Great advice from a great teacher.
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@pixiedust I think you might enjoy this as well!
This advice is so fantastic, thank you for sharing @greggr. More teachers need to be brave enough to be confusing and to cross the easy lines of education!
@greggr you know me so well! I love TED talks and this one is actually an old favorite of mine. He really found his inspiration, and has shared some valuable insights!
@pixiedust Great, glad it was fun for you!