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When I saw this article, I actually considering going back to my job at Starbucks. No, really. I love my work, but learning how to properly do latte art has been a dream of mine for a few years now, since before I spent a year working as a Starbucks barista, and the want to learn this skill hasn't gotten any less since I've moved past Starbucks. Really, though: what you're seeing in image 2 is a set of Starbucks guidelines on how to create some basic latte art. Does this mean that your latte is always going to have designs in from now on? No, it doesn't. The guides available to Starbucks' employees are much more numerous than what they actually use on a daily basis: there are books of coffee types, and tea types, and tea tutorials that we never used. Most baristas at my store never learned it all (mostly because of management issues, but I digress). Just because the guide exists doesn't mean a huge change to latte art. But, it does mean progress, and it does mean that Starbucks is really listening to what its employees (aka partners) want! I feel bad sharing this image (it clearly says for internal use only....wonder who's gonna get in trouble fo this), but it's really exciting! Starbucks baristas have expressed for a long time that they hoped to learn latte art and other skills, and this guide shows that even if wide-spread implementation doesn't become a required anytime soon, those who want to try their hand at latte art can grace customers with a beautiful cup. Starbucks says that there’s no concrete plans for a global rollout at this time, but Adams did note that in Starbucks’ China Asia Pacific region stores, the required “standard finish on a for-here beverage is a heart” and that sometimes partners globally get more creative with designs. Check out the image 3, 4 and 5 for examples of US baristas trying their hand at latte art: pretty cool, right?
This might add more fun and I would love to see it myself. However, I wish Starbucks would put more effort in serving better quality coffee and keeping consistant taste that match its expensive price.
I keep trying to do it when I'm working at my Starbucks, but it's so hard!!
@cindystran Yeah, the quality at my own starbucks drove me crazy!! unfortunately not all baristas care as much about keeping good timing, so you can get that bad coffee :/