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it's lol worthy, but it's also really fair commentary on the representation of Wonder Woman, and women in comics in general. Each of the other heroes is wearing either an exact costume Wonder Woman has worn, or something similar (she hasn't actually worn Green Lantern green XD ). We hardly ever think about the things that women wear in comics, but then when we see the same costumes on male heroes who do the exact same crime fighting they look totally stupid. But if they're so impractical and dumb, why do women have to wear them? Food for thought.
@pixiedust yeah, it's a little easter egg I guess XD it's a good point tho, even if you don't get it you can still tell how silly everyone looks without pants
Interesting, I wouldn't have know the bit about those being Wonder Woman's actual costumes! It does seem a little strange when a superhero doesn't wear pants, just seems impractical I think.