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At high noon strong winds from the east begin to raise high clouds of dust, as often happens in spring time. And as the sun turns further to the west, the group of women standing on the hill begin to loose eye contact with the three crosses on the other hill, a bit west of them. Mary the mother of Jesus is crying quietly while Mary Magdalene is trying to calm her down. "Everything will go according to the plan", she says, "In few days we will be far away from here." "Did you see what they did to him? ", Mary says, weeping. "These are but superficial wounds", Mary Magdalene replies. "We talked to Pilate's wife. The centurion is her lover, you see? everything was arranged according to our plan. Do not worry" Martha looks at the two Marys, and says nothing. Suddenly she is not so sure they did the right thing. Perhaps it is the ominous weather that makes her feel so. Suddenly they hear Jesus cries, "My father, into your hands I command my spirit!", and then they hear Peter shouts something and the sound of shields clinching together and then there is silence. And as they start walking quickly toward the place of the crosses, Peter comes towards them out of the dust and says, "We lost our wager. He is dead... Jesus is dead... "
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It's always interesting to see what else might have been happening during this time: we really only see one or two parts of it, but your speculation is interesting: what else was really going on? @orenshani7