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I was reluctant to see Fury, I’m not one for war movies and this was billed as psychologically charged to say the least but I wanted to give it a fair try. It was certainly violent, an impressive level of gritty, in your face, uncomfortable violent that was almost artistic in its exaggeration, but then I think that was partially the point. One example I can give are the characters. I know critics weren’t fond of the characters, Richard Corliss of TIME describing them as "reduced to their religious, ethnic or lowlife stereotypes.” While I understand the critique, I think the characters balanced each other and were not exaggerated stereotypes so much as personifications of the role each of them fills. Every aspect of the movie is intentional, the costumes, personalities, the excessive violence, all of it paints a picture of how gruesome war really is and each element works together to do this. Did I love it? No, not really, it was very uncomfortable to watch, but I do believe it’s well written and executed and a brilliant epitome of a modern war film.
@greggr it's really winning with critics and even though it was violent I can understand why. Just because it's not my personal taste doesn't diminish the value it has.
@toroboro Let us know how it is :)
Seeing this next week!
@onesmile I can certainly understand that, it's very had to watch so it's not for everyone, not even really for me haha
I'm torn between my love of Brad Pitt and the unwatchable in-your-face violence....not sure I'll see this but thanks for the intro to the movie!
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