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Halloween is such a magical and spooky holiday, and it can be a great opportunity to dress up with your special someone. But try to avoid these common “couples costume” mistakes. The Co-Depedant Costume ● Dressing to complement your partner is cute, but picking a costume that’s going to look stupid or make no sense if you get separated at a party isn’t. A socket and a plug, for example. (And no, a flash drive and a USB port isn’t better.) Mixing Genres ● Maybe your tastes are too different (she wants Kim and Kanye, but he wants Optimus and Bumblebee). Compromising with Cinderella and Iron Man really doesn’t cut it, even if both are owned by Disney. Anything From Gone Girl ● What kind of signals are you trying to send your partner? Just because it’s popular, doesn’t make it relationship appropriate. The One Sided Costume ● You know what I’m talking about. Both parties have agreed to the couples costume, but only one of you is putting the effort in. If you’re not both into it, it’s going to show in the finish costume and it’s really not worth it. Share the responsibility, or just dress separately. The Obvious Choice ● If you’re decision making has ruled out everything except Micky and Minnie or two pumpkins, it’s time to forgo the couples costume. Even if you’re both trying, if you’re not coming to any agreement, it’s still not worth it.