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the light shines through and through sometimes blinds my sight from seeing you it shines through clouds breaks away my darkness decimates my cold shrouds and shows your kindness the light shows me the way the light helps me stay its the light that makes me sway its your radiant light that makes me gay this light creates this light envelops this light decimates this light develops this light smiles back this light never lacks this light never cracks this light distracts
thank you so very much @timeturnerjones and @greggr. it means the world that someone enjoys my work and appreciates it.
thank you @greggr
@DanielRivera No, thank you for sharing! I really enjoying coming here and checking out your work.
@DanielRivera I've got to agree with @greggr here that repetition really made this poem work for me. Granted, I love repetition in poetry so you hit my weak spot, but your imagery is really strong as well!
@DanielRivera It's true: they take over your mind and it gathers up speed until there's nothing else coming out of it. Great way to capture it in a subtle way.
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