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I made these based on the cover art of Coil's Time Machines. All are 31 x 31 inches. Resonance in the Midst of the Conditions. Fire of the Mind. The Oculist Ascending. Reflected in a Decadent Logic.
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Coil was a British experimental band that was around from the early 1980s til 2004ish. They also made the first record that donated money to AIDS charities and the first music video in MoMA's collection
Awesome work! Can you tells us a little bit about your process in making the works? @MeadMcLean
@teamwaffles Yeah. It's pretty much pouring paint on a flat panel and then being patient while it dries. I made a time lapse video that's on the front of my website:
These are really creative, Mead! I'm loving your color pairings too.
thanks @danidee I'll post up some more images soon.