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Does anyone else think that fishing as a sport is slowly dying off? I think we have to broadcast it to the next generation so we can pass the torch so to speak. If we don't teach our younger generations about the joys of fishing, and to teach them to respect our waters and fish populations, there's not way this sport can last, in my opinion. But, is it really a concern? Dreadbane on Reddit had the same question and posted a poll for anglers to enter their ages.So far, at 314 votes, the anglers ages seem to be largely in the 18-35 region, but there are some in the 0-18 region as well. The voters have come from and reddit, though, so it's possible that the sample is skewed. I guess it seems like the future of bass fishing is still pretty bright: while it's likely there are many older fisherman not represented in this, there is still a very large percentage of 18-35yo fisherman, and this only means good things. These guys might be parents of young children or just getting to having kids, and will likely teach their kids to fish just like I know @mcgraffy is doing, and other anglers do as well. Not only that, but the communities that surround fishing now are constantly growing: we're seeing more competition coverage, more awesome rods and reels, and more and more Youtube channels dedicated to keeping the sport alive and teaching others about it. With this kind of energy, bass fishing absolutely will not die as a sport! Still we need to be smart: if we don't take aren't more conservation conscious than ever before, the traditions of fishing will have no choice but to die along with our fisheries. Anyways, what do you think? Is fishing growing or dying? Add your voice to the survey now:
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I just added my vote! Now the poll is here: 18-35: 182 votes (57%), 0-18: 53 votes (17%), 35-50: 45 votes (14%), 50+: 40 votes (13%). Still about the same! I don't think it's really dying, per say, but definitely changing a lot in recent years.
@mcgraffy Yeah I think even if we see a reduction in numbers the passion anglers are showing isn't going anywhere! @dougjohnson
I know a lot of kids from my high school who enjoy bass fishing. There wasn't even bass fishing teams until the last decade, or at least around here that I am aware of. This sport is growing if anything.
I really dont think so....I see more young guys out there than ever before. and there are so many high school and college anglers nowadays and clubs for them too
@yakwithalan Exactly! theres no way its gonna die
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