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So apparently, I hadn't realized that I was joining the team with exactly one month officially until the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Needless to say, I have had to get right to work, leaving the 'introduction awkwardness' to a short and sweet hour or so before I was working directly with administrative staff to make sure that goals were met in accordance to the festival timeline. Finding out about the size of the festival and the organization was not something I was initially introduced to so much as it was something I learned the more and more I worked. This is a BIG festival and an AWESOME office of people! I could go into it, but I will condense some of my favorites into a 'Week 1' list. Five Things I Learned During My First Week Interning For SDAFF's Film Arts Non-Profit 1. I learned how to assemble a 'step and repeat'! You know those long logo banners that celebrities stand in front of when all the media is taking their press photo? We have one for our special events and our celebrity-studded awards gala. I had no idea that wall was even called 'step and repeat' and now I can refer to it like a fancy pro. 2. My internship supervisor is training me to become a House Manager, which is an extremely intimidating but exciting job title to have. House Managers ensure all films run on time without technical problems and that all Q&A and talent panels are given the right accommodations. I am basically learning a whole lot about equipment inventory, the different types of film movies show up in, and various other 'tech specs' that help the festival run without too many hiccups. 3. If you don't know what to wear on your first day, I would probably suggest wearing that 'second choice outfit' you had in mind for your interview. Arts jobs are tricky because arts businesses are both creative and professional. If you are still not sure about dress code, have that conversation with your internship supervisor on the first day or send out a communication leading up to it. 4. There is a HUGE WALL of Blu-Rays archiving virtually every film they have ever showed at SDAFF in the past fifteen years, and sometimes when the staff has free time, they all gather together to watch the different selections for this year. I want to live in the room with the Blu-Ray wall forever. 5. If the Executive Director offers to drive you to lunch in her brand new Tesla Model S, you probably should have been honest about not being able to get out of the car after her tight parking job. This would save you the embarrassment of ever-so-slightly dinging the cars around it when you're struggling to break free. [ Film Pictured: "The Round Table", a Japanese comedy film about a curious young girl and her family based on a 2011 novel by Kanako Nishi. ]
How fun!! I can't wait to hear more from your time there :)
Laughed out loud at that last lesson learned hahah sounds like a cool experience!
@asparagus I can't wait to share more with the rest of you. There's a lot of stuff we talk about that I know Vinglers would love to know, but I have to wait until I get the green light to talk about it!
@pipeline It's been fun so far! I'm definitely learning a lot.