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Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are rolling up major system updates today and over the next few days. They’re packed with a ton of new features and goodies so let’s see what we’ve got! + For the XBone + + Improvements to Snap Snap is a feature that allows you to quickly switch between apps.The update’s added snapping access to a lot of apps so you have more options to switch between. Now you’ll be able to access your friends list and messenger while still in a game which wasn’t available before. + Achievements A lot of improvements to achievements to let you share them with your friends, see which of your friends have earned that achievement you just got and when. + Friends section is generally improved so you can’t keep up with your friends c: + Significant improvements for TV and video including... OneGuide added 11 countries! Xbox’s live TV listing and schedules will not be available in 11 more countries including Finland, Portugal, and Russian. + Live TV MiniGuide If OneGuide is available in your country you now have access to a mini TV guide thing to tell you what’s playing. + Universal Remote In one of the 11 countries getting OneGuide? You can use your mobile device to control your Xbox! You can watch the video for more details about the updates. But what about PlayStation 4, who's 2.0 os has been nicknamed Masamune aka the legendary sword from Chrono Trigger?! Let’s take a look! + USB Music Player You can now listen to your own jams while you play a game just by plugging a flash drive of music into your PS4. I can see it now, someone listening to the Halo soundtrack while playing Halo XD + Color changes! YES! The all important feature is now here, you can change your background from the standard blue to one of seven new color options (gold, blue, red, green, purple,, pink, and gray). + Updated Content Area and Library It’s now easier to browse your library and access your content. There will not be 15 of your most used games or apps and there’s going to be better filter functions to find things. + Add To Library You can now add the monthly free PS Plus games to your library without downloading them so they won’t take up your hard drive space!! AND as a final note BOTH PS4 and XBone have done a lot of work to add and improve the voice command functions across all features.
@pixiedust heh yeah that's a good point, somehow I think people like "stuff" too much to give up all the different gadgets but maybe some day c:
@AgentCory wow, well it certainly makes sense! It makes me wonder if we'll eventually just have one magical electronic device to do everything. Game consoles browse the internet, phones play games, and computers make phone calls, it just seems like a matter of time before there's just one. Not that I really know about these things of course!
@pixiedust oh yeah game systems have been more or less specialized computers for a while now, and not they bring made to do more and more so it closer to what a full computer can do c:
Game systems are getting so advanced, you really don't even need something like a DVD player anymore!