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The Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda have gone by many names in their past: "Mountains of the Moon" and "Snows of the Nile" being two of the most famous. In 1906, a Duke recorded his 40 day journey through these mountains, which are considered in many ways to be the source of the Nile, and the massive glaciers that are located on it's peaks. Now, in 2014, the glaciers have nearly disappeared. This short film is a fantastic look at the mountains' changes, and what that means about our climate. These 5000 meter peaks were once covered in some of the few equatorial glaciers that existed in the world, but because of global warming, they're nearly gone. Two researchers travel to the "Mountains of the Moon," in this documentary, and attempt to show the world how dramatic the difference between "then" and "now" really is.
@greggr I'm not sure what we can do, but awareness is a start! @nehapatel @yakwithalan Those who say climate change isn't causing changes are crazy. I won't try to find the cause of climate change, but it definitely exists.
There are many mountains where you can study this effect, but these are particularly interesting because they were once expansive equatorial glaciers....the change is huge.
@greggr Great idea; thanks for teaching the next generation to be more careful :)
@happyrock That it is. I'm thinking about asking my students to watch this movie, and come up with some ideas. I don't know if they're think of anything groundbreaking, but as long as they think about the subject it'll be a great start.
@nehapatel you're so right, the changes are everywhere. I can even see them looking at area's I used to explore as a child and comparing them to now, it's sad, really
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