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This video, MTJP | Olympic is the first in a series of "More than Just Parks" videos that brothers Jim and Will Pattiz plan to make, and boy, did they pick a great park for their first location. During a month of backpacking in the region, they put together this stunning film. The park is one of the most diverse in the US; there are glacial mountain peaks, old-growth rainforests, and over seventy miles of wilderness coast - all within a day's drive. Olympic National Park is a seriously special place. Honored as a UNESCO World Heritage site, you have tons of options of what to do, as showcased in this serene video. You could opt for a hike through the rainforest located on the western part of the national park, and see the huge Douglas fir and Sitka spruce up close or perhaps you could stroll along the many numbered beaches (with the exception of the Ruby Beach) in the park, and simply feel the salty Pacific Ocean air in your face. But, the park is changing: the glaciers there have been getting smaller in number over time, and Blue Glacier, which is the largest glacier in Olympic National Park, lost 18 percent of its size since 1982. The image on slides 2 and 3 can show you an example of that change. Though not as extreme as other glacier changes around the world, it's still pretty significant. Get out and enjoy the park while you can, and see what you can get involved in to help preserve it. The park is a magnificent place, with Mount Olympus standing tall in its center and 260+ other peaks in the park. The park also offers a number of outdoor activities including hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing and beachcombing, or for something more relaxing take a dip at the Sol Duc hot springs, a series of geothermal mineral pools.
@happyrock Will do!
@yakwithalan Awesome! Let me know if you find anything extra cool that I missed :P
@happyrock If I can enjoy nature from the water, I'll take it, whichever sport it is. Thanks. I'll do some research on my own, too
@yakwithalan I believe there is rafting, I'm not 100% sure about kayaking!
I've never made it to this park (on the opposite coast, you know?) but it sounds like a 2 or 3 week vacation there next summer might be worth it. Get some camping, hiking, and maybe even kayaking in! (is there kayaking? @happyrock)