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From middle school to high school, I lived with my hair in a ponytail. I could blame it on constant tennis practice or hot summer days, but the fact is I was just a lazy kid. Now, I'm a lazy grown up. Here are a few ways to up your ponytail game and fool people into thinking you're a chic, put-together adult ;) - Sweet and Low My hair is a bouncy, wild mess most days and a high ponytail can send it out of control. These low ponies are soft, sweet, and don't bounce around all day. The inevitable loose ends will frame your face and give you an elegantly thrown together look rather than the messy-bun I'm-rushed look :) - Middle Ground Placing your pony tail on the most prominent point at the back of the head will not only give your ponytail the most movement, but it will also line up with your eyes, creating the appearance of a slight upward lift. - High and Mighty There is nothing more powerful than a killer high pony tail. Make sure your hair is combed tightly back for an edgy high-fashion take on the average hair-do.
I recently got a haircut and now I'm sad I can't tie my hair back in a high ponytail or high bun.
I'm a fan of "this is kind of twisted, sort of braided, mostly a pony tail" kind of style. Glad I'm not the only one being lazy with my hair these days
The first girl's pony tail is os perfect! I love going for a jog with a high pony tail though - my hair is so bouncy!
I am a low pony tail fan, I was never really into the mid-ponytail look
I am definitely the "messy-bun I'm-rushed" kind of girl :)