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I can't imagine life without potatoes. I can incorporate it in every meal of the day, but I think my stomach would hate me for it. However, if I can choose potatoe for one meal I would say breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day for various reasons. 1) Best time to drink tea on an empty stomach. 2) The only time waffles, pancakes, and breakfast burritos are served in restaurants. 3. EGGS! I love scramble, sunny-side, pocket, name it. 4. Potatoes! Hashbrowns, skillet potatoes, casserole, shredded, mashed. There's so much reason to love breakfast, but starting the morning with comfort food sets the mood for the day! Here's a recipe that I love. By now you may already notice the oven is my best friend. I always think it's healthier than the stove top, becuase it uses less oil, but maybe that's just me. I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as I did!
I might throw in a little bit more cheese ;)
Same here @caricakes this is the ultimate comfort food!
This might be making an appearance on my Thanksgiving table!
I can feel the food coma already
Cheesy warm potatoes sounds exactly like how I want to start my day.