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HBO and CBS will be joining Netflix with streaming subscription services. HBO had been holding off adding the most recent season of Game of Thrones on Amazon Instant video, and now we know why. Because they have been planning to offer a stand alone subscription service that will be separate from their cable subscription options. Similarly, CBS had a free streaming service with a limited selection of recently aired episodes. The cable network will not offer an inexpensive subscription service loaded with thousands to television episodes to enjoy. TV experts are already predicting that this is only the beginning of streaming subscriptions. Dish Network has already secured the rights to Disney for online streaming which may mean another big announcement in the near future that could even include ABC and ESPN. I know some may be skeptical of how well each of these services will do, after all are people really going to want 5 subscriptions to watch your favorite shows. While I agree, I think because there will be different shows available on different services, I think they’ll appeal to difference audiences so while some people may want the variety of five subscriptions, others now have the option to just subscribe to one site instead of a full cable subscription.
@pixiedust yeah, at least I'll (hopefully) always have netflix!
@AgentCory now we just have to wait and see how much the subscription will actually cost. I keep seeing reports that the price keeps going up. Good luck though!
I really hope my family gets an HBO subscription!!! we already have netflix but there's gonna be a lot of HBO shows I want to watch and I know my dad does too so hopefully it'll happen. and like you said this is a really good move for HBO and CBS and maybe even Disney eventually.