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Take a pair of plain loafers and turn them into an adorable pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats. Material: A pair of black loafers A small piece of black and gold fabric ( leather, suede, or faux fabric) Glue gun Puffy Paint To create: cut out 2 triangles in black, that are slightly rounded, for the ears. Measure and cut out a smaller and contrasting shape for the inner ear. Use the same fabric to create a nose shape. Use either leather, suede, or any faux fabric you have. Create a “face” with puffy paint drawing eyes onto a plain loafer. Be sure to use a different color puffy paint for the inside of eyes. Glue ears onto the inside of the loafer with a glue gun. Attach the nose and finish drawing the face by adding whiskers and a mouth. Wait until puffy paint is completely dry before kicking up your heels and exercising your cat like reflects!
Whoa! I thought this was going to be a lot of sewing work but this is WAY easier!! I'm totally going to make these!!!
whoa!!! beautiful and nice ..