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Chic Halloween: Wine Bottle Candles
I've always wanted a long table filled with candles for a low-lighted, spooky house party. Here's a great way to use all those old wine bottles you have and create a really cool atmosphere. Plus, this is incredibly simple to put together!! What you need: ~ An empty wine bottle ~ A tall candle ~ A paring knife ~ Optional: A drip candle (You can find these at World Market, but you can also look on websites like Amazon) This will drip all the way down the outside of your bottle for a really cool, but slightly messy, look. 1. First, you will need to completely remove the labels and any remaining glue. You can either throw it in the dishwasher or soak it in soapy water for several minutes then scrape off the labels. 2. Carefully use a paring knife to shave down around the bottom of the taper candle at an angle and toward the center. This will help you fit it into the wine bottle neck. 3. Insert the candle in the opening of the bottle and press down firmly to ensure it stays put. 4. Light the candle! Voila!
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