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On Halloween you are guaranteed to have more visitors than usual knocking on your front door, so why not surprise them with a super chic, unique doormat? This can be done in mere minutes and can be reused next year. Break out that old, ratty doormat you've been meaning to throw away and get painting! Splash! Spray Ink - Slate (available at craft stores) Cardstock (any will do!) Plain doormat Once you've gathered your supplies, you will want to cut your bat out of the center of a full sheet of cardstock. Placing the bat in the center will help keep overspraying to a minimum. Position the cardstock with the bat cut-out on the mat and spritz with Splash! Spray as many bats as you'd like, let dry for a few minutes and voila!
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I love this! Does it have to be ink or can spray paint work as well?