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Creepy, yes. Chic? Totally! Normally I would never want a rodent on my dinner table, but this Halloween I'll be breaking out of my comfort zone. These little rubber bats are on sale everywhere during the Halloween season and usually cost less than a dollar each. Grab a few and some white spray paint to make a really unique table decoration. Spray these little guys white and then use them as napkin holders to surprise your guests and add a really cool element to your table setting.
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So spooky! I love all the ideas in your collection - white bats and black pumpkins!
A little too creepy for my table, but a really cool idea!
Definitely a little creepy, but perfect for the occasion! Could be a fun arts and crafts project if my students were just a bit younger!
I really like this, but its definitely just a Halloween project. I don't think I could use this for any other occasion.
I would have never thought of this by myself but now that I've seen it I totally want this in my house!! Awesome!