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Translation: King: the blood that person had to shed after he met me, the lives of all the people he had to kill, it's all because of me. Do you understand? DH: if i send a troop of 20 million people, it will increase my possibility to win for 90%. What is the king is doing?if you (Jo Il Sin) can be my person, then i will give you GC's position. CY: are you waiting for me? because it's not even morning yet, i was about to pick you up in your room...(and they hug????!!) Ep 13 Recap: Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the SHARE button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
OMG!!!! Finally some action at the end...with ES running up to and hugging CY. Please kiss! It's passed the halfway point through the drama! *Melting....
OMG....i didn't even see the recap of 13 yet.....but it hella good....damn
OMG..they hug?? When will they kiss?? Pls pls pls kiss!
i love it
thanks for the preview ^_^